The best hiking experience in the Apurimac Canyon 1

We start from the city of Cusco, around 6 am. By car we go to the town of Ocra at 46 km and 3670 m.s.m. Here a local family was waiting for us with a delicious typical breakfast.

The environment is wonderful, it is surrounded by mountains and you can breathe fresh air, especially a tranquility surrounds us as if time had stopped.

After having breakfast, we prepare to start the walk. We crossed the river through a particular bridge that is made of tree branches and very rustic clods of earth, quite an experience crossing it.

The path leads us in the same direction of the river flow. The setting is fascinating. Little by little we are surrounded by a forest of small trees that allow us to see above them the route we will take.

For the most part it is lowered, with small flat sections. The river makes this hike charming.

Further down we find ourselves in the urgent need to cross the river, there was a bridge that consisted of two cut tree trunks arranged as a bridge.

But seeing that the river was not deep, we wanted to take advantage to feel the water. We take off our shoes and barefoot we cross the river.

When crossing, we take the opportunity to rest for a moment and contemplate the surroundings. Our eyes feel privileged.

We take the path again, the path becomes steeper and in the background you can see the landscape that forms the Apurímac canyon. Around us a eucalyptus forest and later we can see the town of Chinchaypujio where we will have our lunch.

We enjoyed lunch, we were incredibly hungry, as a result of the walk or perhaps just because we saw how delicious the dish looked.

Then we have a visit to the local government, and later we will take the car to head to Paucarccoto, to have an experience with a local family. But that is part of the following story.

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