Things to know before trekking peru

Walking is the true way to know Peru and to know yourself. Are you able to face nature? Are you able to challenge the Andes? We see nature as our mother earth, so you do not have to face it, when you walk you will learn to learn to speak to Pachamama, to be in harmony and balance with it, enjoy it.

Is it safe to hike in Peru?

It is completely safe, especially in the Andes Mountains. Peasant families live in this sector, most of them are noble and above all very friendly. They are incapable of harming you, stealing you, or any other evil.

On the contrary, they will help you and give you their help in whatever they see you need.

However, if you are close to Lima or to the north of Peru, in general if you are close to big cities you should be a little more careful. There are places where you can lose your things.

I take this opportunity to recommend you to go into the mountains, you will have the opportunity to meet these simple and honest people who live in the mountains, cultivating tubers and raising animals, share food with them and, if possible, hire them to guide you, so your walk It will be very safe and you will be accompanied and on the other hand you will be supporting these families, however small it may be, your contribution is very valuable.

When can you hike in Peru?

In the Andes Mountain the climate is decisive for hiking. Although the people who live in this mountain range are used to walking all year round and that is why some of us may make the mistake of recommending you any time of the year.

The truth is that the best time is between April and October. This is because between these months the rains are absent or moderate.

I recommend the beginning and end of this dry season, April and October, because the rains are moderate and the landscape is green and the contrast of colors in the landscape is worth enjoying.

Especially avoid the months of December, January and February. These months the rains are intense and in certain parts, especially in the highest part there is presence of thunder and lightning along with the intense rain that can be dangerous for you.

How do Peru prepare for hiking?

Undoubtedly the most important thing is to be accustomed to the height. This is achieved by gradually climbing the mountain. First visit the places that are closest to sea level. Then little by little, over the course of a few days you will settle in higher locations.

Avoid going in the first days to cities higher than 2800 m.a.s.l. Chances are you suffer from altitude sickness.

Another important aspect is to be in good physical condition, of course this means good nutrition and being used to taking long walks.

The Andes are unlike any other mountain chain in the world. This due to the altitude and especially to the sudden changes in the weather. Some visitors often say that you can have all four known seasons in one day, even within hours in some parts of Peru.

Therefore you should get used to it in a prudent time. The most convenient thing is to spend at least three days in cities like Lima and Arequipa. After that you can enjoy Cusco and the Andes Mountain.

Is Peru expensive?

Definitely not. On the contrary it is economical, the important thing for this is that you find out the places to find the perfect food at the perfect price.

You should avoid tourist places, especially the city center, around the main square, etc. Well here tourists are concentrated, there are also services for foreigners, perhaps with good service but the reason why they are expensive is because the rent for the space in which they are located is extremely expensive, and therefore these businesses must sell at high prices to cover your costs.

Stay away from the center and you will find more affordable prices and probably with good service.

On the other hand, in the mountains, in the rural area where the peasants are, you will not have the best bed in the world, nor the best gourmet food, but if there is friendliness, modest, fresh and above all healthy food.

Do you need hiking boots for Peru?

It is highly recommended, especially in the rainy season. This is in the months of December, January and February.